Regeneration Series

I find my inner sanctuary through an artistic process of allowing, letting go and wonder, where the materials emerge to share their story, express their vulnerabilities and celebrate their alchemical reactions. When I create from this intention of wondering, letting go, and allowing myself the space, I am taken out of the world of fixing and solving and brought to my inner sacred sanctuary. These current works, Regeneration Series, are from a meditation on healing inner trauma of abuse. I wanted to explore intentional healing through crystal growth (a salt solution) and hand made inks while being given a container to express and heal the trauma. The process can take weeks for the reaction to settle and imprint onto the surface, changing and evolving from raw liquid to crystal like form. As I observe the pieces transform during that time I often wonder about the infinite possibilities of crystals patterns that could have emerged. 

Wandering through wondering is a beautiful landscape to explore my inner sanctuary.

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