Connection - Honey Bee

Creative Process

There is a latent or almost forgotten wisdom found inside that experience when we create. It’s a spiritual moment of connection, where we are inspired to let go and trust, listen and respond with awareness while being open to the transformative power that resides within the act and within ourselves.


Fine Art

My artwork examines the elusive potential of healing within the human experience traversing across the personal, symbolic and mystical influences.  The work is abstract, formed through intuitive responses and alchemical reactions to organic materials like plant-inks, salts, honey, egg and clays.

Fine Art - Line #10
Interior Design

Interior Design

Working closely with the clients to create spaces that support comfort, health and joy, through intuitive, informed and intentional choices. Whether small or big projects my goal is to inspire a love for your home and the special spaces within by providing guidance on organization, furniture arrangement, color design, accents, scale and balance.


Inner Curriculum

An integrated holistic all-is-one curriculum that explores, experiences and expands our conscious awareness of our inner world to develop essential tools that foster a more resilient, connected, compassionate and integrated self using practices such as journaling, mindfulness, parts work (IFS techniques), movement and art.